March 5, 2016

6:30 – compelled to get up by the dog who needs to go out.
Then back to bed until 8:00
Got up, dressed and showered.
The task of the morning: getting ready to go to Atlanta to see family for spring break.
8:30 – breakfast
Got the girls dressed
9:30 – took the dog to the kennel, went to Walgreen’s for car snacks, and bought a vacation fish feeder for G’s fish.
D gone teaching yoga.
Packed car
11:00 – everyone had lunch, took out trash.
12:00 – left for Bowling Green, Ky
Sat in car
Stopped for gas.
Took over driving.
Survived a near collision with a stopped van in the right lane. I managed to get over between two trucks in time. Other cars behind us weren’t so lucky and I think there was a crash.
3:30 – stopped at Dinosaur World at exit 53 on I-65 in Kentucky
Girls dug for fossils
Walked the dinosaur trail and looked at dozens of life-sized plastic dinosaurs.
Kind of cool. Girls liked it.
Took some pictures with my ttv rig
5:15 – back in car, headed to to an overnight stop in Bowling Green, Kentucky.
Stayed at the Hyatt Place which doubles as the campus hotel for Western Kentucky University.
D found a great brewery, the White Squirrel Brewery. Had dinner and a couple of beers.
Got back to hotel, relaxed, and eventually everyone went to sleep.

End of day diary.

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