March 5, 2016

9:30 am Woke up, D. is laying close to me. That is surprising because she usually leaves the bed and sleeps in another part of the apartment. We sit and cuddle for a while. She needs to be petted. I need to wake up

9:45 am Getting ready for our morning walk. got the tea water ready for my tea when I come back.

10:15 am Returned and fix breakfast. Weather is getting better. I think the temps will be up this next week. Breakfast tea, toast-for D. and I, and yogart with fruit–canned peaches.

10:15 am Settled down to eat breakfast and read the newspaper. Not much in it as usual. Prom dates so B. and I will know when to go look at prom dresses.

11:15 am Finish clipping coupons, sorting ads -reading the good ones-and reading funnies.

11:20 am Computer time! face book games, emails etc.

12:00 pm Time to take B. to get her soda and take D. for a ride.

1:30 pm Time to go to the grocery store, taking J. -another resident. Spent to much money-as usual- but stocked up on some sales items, ice cream, pizza, etc.

2:00 pm Returned with the groceries. Put them away. B. is yelling we can’t get anything in the freezer.

2:30 pm Started pizza dough. Have some hamburger in frig. and it needs to be cooked up. Time to let the dough rise.

3:00 pm Computer time while dough rises.

4:15 pm back to making pizza, onions, hamburger, Italian chees, pepperroin, more cheese, and black olives. It should be good.

5:00 pm Sister calls. I sent her an email about our brother being in the hospital. She has a bad cold. Talked for a while.

5:30 pm Sister hangs up because pizza is done. It is 1 inch high. Huge! T. comes down to eat with us. K., neighbor is tired so B. take some pizza to her.

6:40 pm Time to feed the birds. Realized I am slowly out of bird feed. I have enough to get them fed. Trip to Walmart tomorrow. UGH!

6:50 pm finish watching Family feud and knitting. D. wants to sit on my lap instead of me knitting.

7:05 pm Walked D. . We saw resident D. and his dog R. Visit with them.

7:45 pm K. came over to tell us why she is so tired. Up a running this am picking up grandson, and then later a friend of her daughters.
K. always has an interesting life.

8:00 pm Found out that Downton Abby’s last show is on but the other pbs shows are not. Watch Blue Bloods. Do not pay much attention to it due to knitting.

9:00 pm Masterpiece is on! Time to tie up all of their life’s. Nothing like being involved in other peoples life’s. I will miss them every Sunday.

10:25 pm DownTon Abby is over. Anna had a baby boy, Mary is going to have another one, Eidith is married, what joy! I know what will hit next WWII.

10:30 pm Walked D. for the last time today. Mild night.

11:00 pm watched the news. Payton Manning is quitting the NFL. Major news tomorrow!

11:20 pm off to bed and do my knee exercises. D. wants to be up there with me. One way to get distracted.

12:20 pm Stopped reading my Charles Todd novel. Almost finished with this one. “A long Shadow.” Will finish it on Monday evening.

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