JanieI’m Janie Fulling, a junior Digital Storytelling & Cultural Narratives major, specializing in informed, researched videography. My role on this project has been working on the production of the documentary, ensuring that we tell a story that reflects the lives of our diverse collaborators in Muncie.

I plan to take the skills I’ve learned analyzing a group of people for odd connections and unexpected contrasts and apply that to my upcoming study abroad experience in Morocco, where I hope to make a short film about the everyday life of my host city. I’ll graduate in May of 2017.

Connections that string my own diaries together include a focus on wondering why other people do the things they do, justifying my food choices, and attempting to appreciate small, beautiful things. Even though I don’t use the phrase when I speak, I also really like to write “bless her/him” when people are kind.