KathrynMy name is Kathryn Mirabella, and I am an actuarial science major and business minor. The Everyday Life in Middletown project has served as an eye-opening experience for me. I joined the group hoping to find a new path or passion for myself.  I wanted to try something totally different, and this project interested me.  My role in the study varied from assisting the recruit informant committee and data committee to the history section of the website committee. I have found that my help can be used in various areas, because my education is heavily based in math rather than telecommunications or English.

In writing my day diaries, I found that I am constantly focused on what is going to happen next. My mind often drifts to things I have to do and things I want to do.  I have a hard time living in the present.  In addition, I started to become extremely self aware of my thoughts and actions. In that, I found I often worry and get upset over trivial instances. The entire experience was eye opening in that I began to really think about what I am saying and doing on a day-to-day basis.