SamHi, I’m Sam Baumgart. I’m a senior interpersonal communications major with a minor in peace studies and conflict resolution. During this seminar I served on the recruit informant committee where we tried to gather a group of Muncie residents that were demographically representative of the everyday in our project. We considered race, socio-economic class, job status, etc. Once the informants were chosen I moved to the website committee where I wrote an essay along with my classmates and contributed creative ideas for content and design. As a member of the promotions committee I helped plan events to show our accomplishments. I also manage the group’s social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter.

I believe this seminar has taught me a host of life skills that I will need for the workforce such as teamwork, cooperation, and time management. We are very excited to show off our hard work and thank everyone that has helped us along the way.

 As I analyzed the day diaries that I kept, I noticed that I use my extra time in passive leisure, such as watching cartoons and hanging out with my cats. When I’m not at home, I work all weekend as a server.