Penis Clip

Posted by edlmiddletown on 2016 in Insights

by Meagan Brant

I chose to write a small collection of three surrealist essays by doing a “mock” surrealist association with data from informant day diary entries from February 12th to March 5th. We had about 35 “images” selected from the stories in the diaries and I used a random number generator to choose three. Turns out, I ended up finding images that dealt with typically repressed Freudian concepts of the unconscious: sex, death and violence.

After selecting these images, I studied them and started associating words that came to my mind with the image. Once I did this for about 10 minutes for each image, I selected the most interesting ideas so I could put order to my thoughts. I then summarized my findings in essay form and thus the Surrealist Essays were created.

“The Cemetery” was based off of Informant 3’s diary on February 12th concerning a story about his father passing away. “The Movie Theatre” was based off of Informant 10’s diary on March 5th concerning a “Date Day” with the informant’s spouse. Finally, “The Penis Clip” was based off of Informant 9’s diary on February 23rd concerning a hair clip that was found during work hours and how it got passed around the workplace.

“Penis-shaped hair clip on the hallway floor.”

Hello students! In class today we will be analyzing the nonrenewable and renewable energy sources that are on our wonderful planet. In particular, we will be discussing what category nuclear energy fits into and watch some videos pertaining to this topic.

“Ran next door to share my juvenile humor with those staff and they cracked up, too and had ideas of what fun to have with it.”

Next, we are going to discuss community transportation. Mass transit is an efficient way to get around town not only because it helps reduce carbon dioxide from going into the air, but it also has the potential to be cheaper than owning a car! If everywhere you need to go is able to be reached through a mass transit system in your community, this might be an option for you.

“Had to get more mileage out of the Penis Clip, so took it down to the ‘lost and found’ table at the office and showed it to the normally straight laced secretary who cracked up. Also the nurse whom had already seen the circulating photo of it.”

It’s specials time! During gym today, we are going to learn the importance of fitness and health. When you run and play, you are developing your strength and endurance. You are learning how much your body can handle.

“…I notice on the lost and found table that the Penis Hair Clip is now gone. I suspect it will make the rounds in the staff mailboxes for rest of today and tomorrow. Our dead classroom hermit crab traveled thru some staff mailboxes at the beginning of the school year as a gag.”