My name is Emily Griffis, and I’m a senior double major in creative writing and English literature with a minor in professional writing and emerging media. I’ll graduate in May of ’16, and participating in the Everyday Life in Middletown seminar was the best way to end my time at Ball State. As a member of the project I took part in data gathering, theory analyzing, and informant communication. But my main focus was designing, coding, and organizing the website.

Outside of class, I spend most of my time working, playing Animal Crossing, or reading and writing. While working as a member of this seminar, I also served as a co-editor of the 2016 issue of The Odyssey and wrote my senior honors thesis examining the literary value of manga through intertextuality.

While analyzing my day diaries, I realized that on a typical day I hold longer conversations with my cats than I do with people and Sudoku is my only form of escapism.