February 12, 2016

6:45 Wake up, excited to sleep in few extra min. Turn t.v. on to Chanel 18 news. Go to restroom, turn on shower.

-Shower, shave

-After shower, check my phone to see if hubby text to say “rolllin.,” no text 6:58 Go to daughter’s bedroom door, I already who when I open it she’ll pop up. I open her door and yes she pops up and says “good morning” I tell her let’s get going. I go back to the room text my husband “rollin?” He responds he stuck by a train. I go to the front, turn on the outside light for him. As I’m getting dressed and watching/ listening to the news wondering what the weather is going to be but realize it doesn’t matter too much, we’ll be leaving later today to fly to Utah.

My husband walks in around 7:15. Everyone says their good mornings. 7:20A. my “let’s go” alarm goes off. I yell to my daughter are you about ready. We know that’s our time to brush our teeth and get out the door. In the meantime my husband is preparing a cup of coffee to go for us. I prepare our daughter hot cocoa (white artic, her fav) to go. We grab our muffins and hit the door. On the way to school my daughter and I always pray while driving down McKinley. Fridays are generally her days but since dad was with us. She asked he pray today.

Following our prayer we arrive at her school. We discuss the time and location I’ll pick her up. We agree noon at Loading Dock. After dropping her off we stop at the gas station to fuel up. I ask my hubby to drop by my office so I can get my daily devotion book. I run in to my office grab my book out of my desk and my sandwich maker out of our break room. I keep forgetting to take it back home. It’s now 8:03 AM.

We’re supposed to meet my bro-in-law this morning so he and my husband can exchange a handicap sticker for my father-in-law. While my daughter and I travel to Utah my husband is driving my father to Birmingham Alabama for a funeral. His plan is to drive out tonight (9hr drive) go to a funeral then turn around and return home. This concerns me it’s now 8:16A. My husband gets back in the car and says “where to now.” I reminded him we need to go to the Armory (To renew my military id). I turn my heated sea on. I love the warmth. Sipping on a cup of warm mocha (organa Gold) coffee.

8:25 my fitbit alarm is going off. It’s a reminder I should already be at my desk for work but I’ll be off until Wednesday

8:33 sitting at the Armory waiting for Sgt. B to call me to take my photo. I recall a young lady I mentor also likes to get my daily devotions since I’ll be gone I took pics of them and sent to her. Got my Photo… not too bad. I can deal with showing that ☺

Stopped by bank to get cash for trip. Too cold to go inside. I stayed in car while hubby went inside. Left bank to go home clean out vehicles to switch for our trip.

Sat down for few minutes on the couch to relax. Husband fell asleep. He snores sooo loud. Got a phone call from my step-daughter we had a good conversation. She ended up running into her sister so we ended our call.

11:11 My husband wakes up from his nap. He makes us a skillet brunch (potatoes, red/ green pepper, cheese, onion, eggs, and smoked sausage) it was delicious.

Scan social media on new tablet from X-mas.

11:23a.m.. Read text from other parent who we are traveling w/ to confirm me picking her up.

-I’m sitting at the island in our kitchen while my husband cleans the few dishes we dirtied from morning.

It’s now 12, I need to head out to pick my daughter up from school and prepare to head for the Indpls airport.

Drive and arrival to the airport was great. Had to take a pic of my parking area so I’d recall it when I return.

Sitting at our Gate B20 I notice a great majority of the passengers are from our volleyball club. I don’t like eating to the airport, but my brunch is wearing off. Being frugal I decide to have my daughter go buy me a pretzel from Auntie Ann’s.

Our plane does not have assigned seats. By the time I signed in and obtained my boarding pass I was C48- basically I was one of the last to get on board. Looking for a seat, I made eye contact w/ a couple who smiled ad graciously offered me the inside seat. As I sat down we began chit chatting immediately. They are headed to Las Vegas to visit two of their children. Looking out the window I’m in aw of the beauty of the sky. The sun is beating on my face as I sit here and relax. The clouds look like oversized cotton balls. Hearing the conversations and laughter of all the young athletes around me gives me a sense of contentment. These girls are able to experience what some kids could only imagine, leaving their community.

Our plane has a layover in Las Vegas. They are giving us time to go get a bite to eat. I chose Popeyes 2 pieces, jumbalaya, and a biscuit. Back to the plane to continue our flight. Finally landed here in Salk Lake City, Utah. We have to catch the train, which cost $2.50 pp to the hotel. Now that we’ve made it to the hotel, we can settle in and prepare to get our rest.

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