February 17, 2016

Alarm goes off at 6:25 am…. I get to hit snooze this morning because my hubby told me last night he’d take our daughter to school today! 6:45 alarm goes off, I get up turn on the morning news on channel 8. Head to the bathroom to get cleaned up. I’m hearing my daughter’s alarm go off, but she’s not getting up. I go in to open her door, “time to get up,” I tell her. After a few minutes I go back in her room…. Still asleep…. Wake up!!!! She gets up! My husband makes us our morning fruit smoothies…. I love these! 7 o’clock alarm goes off, lets me know I have a few minutes to get going…. 7:20 alarm. I tell my daughter it’s time to go. My husband and she prepare to leave for her school day. I leave around 8 am to go to work. I’m the first one in my office. 

Back after being off since Friday. The first thing I do is read my daily devotion “Jesus Calling.”  I send a text copy to a young lady that I mentor. My Fitbit alarm goes off at 8:25. I listen to my voicemails and document each call. My coworkers begin to come in, as I start time is 8:30 am. I prepare my files to head over to another building for formal court.

I take my cases in to court. In between I’m checking emails, talking to those who I see. Planning out the rest of my day and so on. After my two formal Hearings I go to my office. I recall I have a lunch meeting with one of our judges, so I run to McDonald’s to grab a southwest chicken salad and water… My water looked disclosed, so I chose not to drink it. I listen to my voicemail messages from being out of the office since Friday afternoon. I go to my lunch meeting which lasts almost an hour and fifteen minutes. 

I return to my office to end up meeting with two student clients along with a parent.  I thought returning back to work wouldn’t be as busy, I was wrong. 

After work, I stop by the hair shop, after rescheduling my own appointment, to check on my daughter who’s getting braids. I then go home to find my husband preparing a great meal, chicken, salad, corn, and potatoes. My daughter sends me a message a bit after six to come get her. I go get her, return home to eat.

After dinner, my husband and I leave to support one if our youth members who plays high school basketball. His team wins and we return home. A nice hot shower seemed appropriate along with a cold glass of red wine. 

I sit and relax,  p the couch, as I go through my day, being thankful for all the blessings that have come my way. As I sit on the couch in silence I hear the dryer and the television. It’s 29:45 pm. Our day is ending and we are in preparation for tomorrow and the weekend ahead (travel volleyball).

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