February 23, 2016

Up and moving 6:25 am.  Hubby text me “Rollin” around 6:50. It’s 6:55, no movement from my daughter.  I open her door and call her name…. She went to bed ill last night, I’m hoping she’s gotten a good nights rest and is feeling better…. I call her name, she gets right up… Good morning she’s says in the middle of sniffling…. I make her some hot cocoa (Arctic white is her favorite) to put something warm in her body. My husband makes it home and prepares our breakfast smoothies. I’m dressed and prepare our lunches for today (left overs).  I look at the clock and realize we are behind schedule, a tell my daughter we need to get moving…. I parked my car in the middle of the garage, my husband wasn’t able to pull his truck in there this morning… As we say our goodbyes I put my vehicle in reverse…. CRASH, I hear…. I backed into my husbands truck….. He tries to assure me that it’s fine and get going to drop our daughter off.  We get to the stoplight that we always pray at, I ask her to pray this morning because I was still shaken up. She gets to school in time…. I get to work and begin feeling sorry for myself, doubting my judgement and so on. I begin to read my daily devotional which starts out, do not fall into the pit of self pity. Wow how powerful and so on time for me!

Our office intern happens to gravitate to me on today and offers her assistance on helping me send out much needed collection letters.  

I spend a great majority of my work day doing that. 

Lunch time rolls around, everyone in the office goes their desperate ways, I stay in the office to warm up my left overs. I enjoy the quietness in the office.  I check emails and my Facebook, hit a few likes and log off. My brother calls me and we talk briefly. 

The intern returns to help me finish up my letters. Clients begin to come into my office to check in.  I feel like most days my job is simple parenting, problem solving, mentoring and coaching.  That’s what I do and I love it.

4 o’clock rolls around. Time to get off, get my daughter and head to my second job. I traded days with someone this week. I send my daughter a text “in my way” a few minutes later I send her a text “here.” She doesn’t respond to either.  I call her, no answer. I wait, call again, no answer. By now I’m getting agitated because we’ve had this conversation about being ready for pickup. I go inside the building to find her, no where in sight. She finally calls me and says she’s in the downstairs area of the building and she’s coming right out. By the time she gets in my car I realize I’m running late for work… Actually I believe arriving 15 minutes prior to is “on time.”  I tell her she’s grounded from her phone since she has an issue answering when I call and I’m the one who pays the bill. 

I get to my second job (concessions). The ladies in the office can immediately tell I’m not in my normal upbeat mood… I briefly tell them about my day but say I know it’ll be better and it could of been worse.   I go in to prepare to work my shift 4:30-9.

While working I have great conversations with parents and athletes telling me about their weekend of completion volleyball. About 6:15 a young man comes to the counter and says hey “I here you had a crappy day.” He then hands me a gift and a card, I begin to cry…. He says look inside… Inside were 4 rolls of toilet paper!! I burst into laughter.  This young man made my day.

After my shift I take my daughters teammate home. We get home, my husband is there. We talk about our day. Around 10:30pm we call it a night. 

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