February 28, 2016

Sunday alarm 7 am. My husband hits the off button and says “a few more minutes.” We doze back off, I look at the clock it’s now 7:30….. I say we need to get moving. We get up get ourselves cleaned up. He starts a pot of coffee I make muffins. As the muffins are baking we sit at our island and drink a cup of coffee together. My first cup in over a week. Approximately 8 o’clock our daughter wakes up. She’s excited about the muffins.  She gets herself cleaned up. We all get dressed for church. We are attending the 9 o’clock service today because our granddaughter is having her birthday party. 

It’s 20 minutes before 9…. I’m letting my family know we NEED to get moving. We finally get in the car at 10 minutes til 9. I’m already thinking we are guaranteed late. Annoyed I try to focus more on positive conversation such as complimenting my husband and daughter on their attire. We get to service approximately 5 minutes after 9. We hang out coats up and greet a few other late comers and grab our seats.

Following service we return home to hangs clothes and grab a quick bite, roman noodles and grilled cheese sandwiches. I grab a gift bag and place our granddaughters gifts inside. I’m pleased with how it’s packaged. The party starts at 12:30 and it’s approximately a half hour drive to the location. Again I remind my family of the time and we need to get going. Before we get there munis and reminds me we have to stop a get ice for the party and run another errand. My pet peeve is late arrival. 

We stop at Steak ‘n Shake to purchase two bags of ice, go by our daughters topics up a cooler and now headed to the party that starts at 12:30. It’s now 12:39. Despite me being annoyed knowing we will be arriving to the party late and having to leave early, I’m thankful for the beautiful weather. Gotta focus on positive (I think to myself).

We arrive at the party. The children are running around having a great time. We weren’t the first to arrive, as I looked around I hug family who are there. We laugh and talk. I see my granddaughter looking so excited. 

Time to sing happy birthday and for cake and ice cream. Gifts won’t be opened at the party based on timing. The kids go back to playing. I check my watch it’s time to head back to Muncie for my daughters volleyball practice. We get to town in time, drop her off and head home. 

While at home we take s power nap. Mine lasted 20 minutes. I get up leave to head to my two meetings. I stop by Pizza Hut to order a delivery. Our meetings go from 5;00/5:30 with the next going from 5:30-7. After my meetings conclude I head home. My daughter sends me s message to record the oscars. 

Once I’m home I intend to put away laundry but get caught up watching the oscars. My family comes in shortly after 9 o’clock.  We talk about our day, begin to prepare for tomorrow and I head to bed around 20 o’clock 


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