March 5, 2016

No alarm set for today. I’m awakened by the 7 o’clock text message I receive. I read it, check the time and turn over. A few minutes later my husband comes in from his 24 hour shift. He changes and gets in the bed with (it’s not often we get to lay and cuddle). I finally get up and shower, meditating and planning my morning errands. I get dressed, my husband still in the bed and my daughter in hers. I kiss him, tell him I’m going to run errands and leave.

My first stop is First Merchants bank to withdraw some money. Second I go to marsh to grab milk for our breakfast and the list of items I was asked to get for my daughters grandmother (she lives alone and has been ill). Next I stop by kohls to see if they have a particular blanket she wants, they don’t they say it was a Christmas item. I call her on the phone to see if she wants me to get something else. I purchase her a different type of blanket and leave the store. My last stop is our credit union to deposit the money I withdrew from first merchants. Then I head home.

I call my hubby to tell him I’m headed home. He tells me he and my daughter are still in the bed. I remind him we have to get going and need to be gone by 11:30am. I get home and naturally he tricked me, he had started the bacon kitchen was cleaned and our luggage packed. I immediately begin to make French toast, since my daughters been asking me to make it this week. We finish breakfast, finish getting ourselves together, load our vehicle and we are out of the house before 11:30am!

On our way out of town we stop by my Mrs. B.’s (my daughter’s grandmother). I take in her groceries and show her the blanket I purchased. She said it wouldn’t work. I tell her I’ll take it back. She hands me a list of other grocery items she’s in need of, I tell her I’ll get those when I return to town tomorrow. I grab her trash on my way out the door to take to her dumbster.

We are now headed to Indianapolis for my daughter’s volleyball tournament. It’s a few minutes before 12 and we have to be there by 1 o’clock. The roads are good, weather is fine, and traffic is flowing well. We arrive 20 minutes early!

We find our seats and settle in. Their schedule play is 2,4, and 7
o’clock. We play up in this tournament, meaning our girls are 15 and we play against the 16’s team. We end the day winning against all three teams.

After the games, we go to Applebee’s for dinner. We had dinner with our “adopted” sister and her three sons (ages 3,9, & 12). We took her and her husband in under our wing when they were Ball State students. After dinner we run by Walmart to grab some items and then to their home.

Once at their house, we watch a bit of television and talk a bit. It’s getting late and I decide to head to bed around 11pm

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