February 12, 2016

7:00 am. Awake but still prone. I awoke to the sound of the trash truck driving by. I didn’t take the cans out last night so, I had a fleeting thought of running out in the cold to wave down the truck. Instead I jumped in and out of the shower and made a cup of tea.

Yoga Class Starts at 8:30 am. in my home studio.

10:00 am. I had four show up for class. I talked them through Surya namaskar (sun salutations) and a standing series. Since I had two cataract surgeries recently I am avoiding activity. So, I am not practicing yoga asana.

My daughter K. Face Timed me right after the class. My students got to see A. who is my new grand baby. I got to watch the baby move and coo for about an hour while chatting with K. about being the Nanny for A. during her transition back to work. It’s all sort of bittersweet and we both felt overly emotional as a result.

11:00 am. Change Clothes …Laundry…scheduling appointments…email Memorial for H. an old friend and ex­husband of my friend T. whose son rents from me.

Noon Appointments Massage and Cranio Sacral Therapy

I gave a quick cooking lesson and ate a bowl of kitchari. (Healing Soup

2:50 Final Post Op Eye Exam

4:00 pm. appointment

5:00 pm. plumber to fix the sump pump

6:00 pm. Opening Art Show at Minnetrista where a friend is showing twopieces.

8:00 pm. Dinner at Fuji

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