February 17, 2016

Hello Diary

6:30 am. I first open my eyes to the grey sky through the skylight above my bed. I left the blind to the doorway leading outside open so, I glance out to the back patio leading in. I wondered for a moment about the chances of someone peeking in at me while I’m sleeping. Then, I remembered when the kids were little how I always left food and water out there for stray cats. Once, there were five little raccoons peeping in at us around dusk. I still wonder about the chaos that would have erupted had I opened the door that night and allowed my young children to pet the raccoons as they requested..

I get up and meditate for twenty minutes.

7:00 am. Check Voice Messages from my smart phone plus Text…Two email accounts and, Facebook.

Black Tea with half and half that someone left for me following last nights jam.

I’m a little groggy following my dinner of two beers, chocolate chip cookies and popcorn last night after my 6 pm. Yoga Class. I gently remind myself again that I am in a Natural Health Practice. My chance at becoming really proficient at guitarist was lost thirty years ago. Still, I have allowed time for guitar lessons and, I play three times a week with different friends in an attempt to better my skills and to learn to laugh again.

We played rock and roll instead of folk and bluegrass during last nights jam. It was a blast. Three single women and one man. Usually, we are about half and half and include a banjo player and a mandolin. I got to play rock and roll mandolin last night. LOL. One of the women asked upon leaving if the guy and I had had a couple of shots before they got there. We had not. We had spent talking about the fact that our daughters are both PHD Psychologists. I think she really wanted to know if we were having an affair. I didn’t tell her that we had not

yet decided that point. We were more animated than usual though. He clearly enjoyed teaching the three of us the songs that he had written. We all sang emphatically “LOVE HURTS” OOOHHH …LOVE HURTS.

I make my bed, shower, and brush my teeth. For the first time in thirty five years I am not putting in contact lenses and after weeks of eye drops I am finished with that too. I can see hair on the edge of the sink that was not there before or so I thought.

8:30 am. Yoga Class I had five participants. I’m offering a more hands on approach to teaching since my eye surgery’s. I do a combination of easy stretching and hands on adjustment for this group of seniors ranging from 59 to 80 years young. The work has some roots in the Asian Healing Arts.

The group is incredibly supportive of me and, they want to know how my vision is and, they want to see pictures of A. my new granddaughter.

10:00 One woman stays after and for the sixth time in four years she attempts to persuade me to join a multi­level marketing business. I tell her that I am not allowed to drive at night yet aand that I am happy with my juicing and organic gardening approach to health. What I did not say is that I have been inefficient and ineffective in my attempts at making money with multi­level marketing in the past. I tried to be polite and respectful and say no. I was not entirely successful and, I may go and listen just to support her and to have a meal and make friends.

10:05 Cranio­Sacral Client post muscular/skeletal pain and stiffness following an acute reaction to heart medication.

11:00 am. Scheduling 11:15 am. change clothes 11:30 am. Typing

11:42 Leave for Lunch

I enjoyed meeting the students and the other informants at lunch. I was especially glad to hear the thoughts on community health and social action issues. I have been somewhat isolated in my work and in my social life do to being self employed and working at home. I love the saying “the world comes to me” and, it has for the most part. I have been really fortunate in my career choice and also in my choice to work from home. During the last few years it has become necessary following the end of a twenty­five year love affair to step out of my comfort zone a little. One way to meet people is by attending social action meetings and sharing conversation. My social life has also involved hosting House Concerts for several years now and this has allowed me to stay current with a socially active group who are increasingly aware of the needs of this community. I was really struck today by this common thread among the informants at our luncheon. Social action and community health was the highlight.

2:00 pm. Pay Bills

3:00 pm. Client (Right knee injury) 4:00 pm. Client (Pelvic Imbalance) 5:00 pm. Client (Headache Stress)

6:00 pm. YOGA CLASS


Facetime with my daughter and baby A.

S. Dinner

As this day comes to an end I am feeling very thankful and hopeful that in my life I am surrounded by conscience and concerned citizens who live full and fulfilling lives while being aware of the needs of others and for the health of the planet earth.

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