February 28, 2016

Hello Diary,

7:30 am, Meditation I am really fortunate to have family and friends. I feel loved. I am really tired today. I had leg cramps throughout the night following a long day preparing food and hosting the Memorial service for J.s Father. I think I have become physically weak following the recovery from my two cataract surgeries. I get up because I want to go back over to the church before the service to make sandwiches with my leftovers from last night. There is to be a Celebration for the newly installed Solar Panels today. The service last night was lovely. We gave J.R. a very nice send off especially considering that we did it in just a few days. I was really pleased with the music that we put together and grateful that I have been playing regularly. My son K. is an amazing musician and, he learned magic tricks as a little boy. So, he played the piano and did a magic show. He has been alcohol and drug free for four months now. I don’t think he could have done it just one year ago. J. wrote a poem. M who is J’s sister and I both read poems. My friends helped with the clean up and I still did not get to sleep until after midnight only to battle the leg cramps all night. I got up several times to drink water and stretch them out. Ouch! I plan to be at Church at 9:30 am. My grandson A. has been with me since Friday after school. He doesn’t want to go and I don’t push it but, I tell him that he will have to eat the left ­over fruit from last night celebration rather than “egg in the hole”.

9:30 am. The Church is all a buzz of activity. After making sandwiches, I clean pots and pans as others prepare the luncheon.

10:45 am. I decide to stay for the service because it is put on by Youth. It was profound and moving as they recognized the vulnerabilities of us all through a play with masks.

12:30 pm. I pick up A. to drive him home to Albany. I stop at his Dad’s (K) to drop off some food from last night. We play with L. for awhile. I got a lot of kisses! J. shared his feelings about the night before. He had been taking good care of his Dad for years. I know there will be a void. I stop at my house before going back to the Church for the “Solar Panel unveiling”. It is warm and beautiful. I choose a lighter wrap. I am very happy about the success of this procurement and I feel certain that others will follow and that we can make positive changes toward the healing and preservation of the planet. I eat some cookies and visit with my friends on “The Green Committee”. I feel like I ought to do more to help but, I leave to teach my 3 pm. and 4 pm. yoga classes. i get through class and I am relieved that K. is not going to stay and practice for our guitar lesson tomorrow. I crash hard.

7:00 pm. I wake up with a start and have a jam with the “Tuesday Night String Band”.

9:30 pm. I answer my boyfriends text about getting together tomorrow. I think for a moment that I am too busy for a boyfriend. Then I remember how much I need a life partner. I told A. this morning that I had rented the house in June. He asked if it would still be his yard when he graduated from high school because he wants me to give it to him. I said, “It is just too much house for me to live in and take care of at my age. He said, “why don’t you just get a husband gramma.

11:06 pm. I am going to brush my teeth and go to sleep.

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