February 23, 2016

4:00 – woke up. Worrying about the decision facing the family. Tossed and turned working through it.

5:30 – helped D. stay calm. Talked through options.

6:20 – showered and got going

Maybe I should apply for the Table Tennis coach job at SCAD – Atlanta. Too strange.

7:00  — took dog out, helped girls with breakfast, had some cereal.

7:40 – headed out to drop the girls at school.

Got irritated at a woman talking to another person while a long line of cars piled up behind her, including mine.

8:00 – ran D. by Starbucks at the Student Center, ran her by the house for a forgotten book, ran her to work.

Headed to the Caffeinery to meet JF for a chat.

Had a large tea.

It’s George Harrison’s birthday. He’d have been 73.

8:30-10:15 – Nice chat with JF about ideas big and small. Always lovely to see her.

Thinking about the notion of threads in our work. Heading into the light.

Headed to Panera for bagels and then to Target for some groceries.

Two women helped me look for a black skirt for G. in the girls department for cheerleading clinic.

Drove down lovely McGalliard on the way home.

Checked email. Looked at a home on Zillow.

Too much to do. Aquinas awaits.

11:15 – typing these notes. Off to read Aquinas.

Making notes about Aquinas’ five proofs for the existence of God. If the scripture says it, gosh then it must be true.

12:00 – lunch

Thinking about the big question of the day.

Researching schools. How different is W. from B.?

Mom sends me a link to a house. Her gears are in motion even if mine are not on this.

What to do, what to do.

1:30- Took the dog for a walk.

2:45 – D calls to tell me T’s kidney is malfunctioning and not getting better.

I head to Burris to pick up the girls.

Tell M. about T’s bad news.

3:15 – off to Mitchell Elementary for the first round of the single-elimination elementary girls basketball tournament.

I buy G. a popcorn and water and me a Pepsi.

Crammed into the stands.

“Where’s the blond guitarist I normally see you with?”

3:30-4:30 – Burris plays Mitchell. Burris loses 18-16. Close at the end.

I do some preliminary research on donating a kidney.

  1. doesn’t get to play for a single minute. That’s shitty of the coach. Yes, I get why he played the best players, but half the team didn’t get a single minute of play. What’s that tell them?

I thank him for coaching the team anyway.

4:45 – more research on kidney donation. It’s a lot to think about.

What is my blood type? I don’t even know.

5:30 – cook dinner – Forbidden Rice Salad.

“That’s a lot of rice! T proportions of starch vs. veggies,” D says.


6:50 – off to band practice at MWD’s house. New keyboard player is supposed to be there.

He isn’t. Sick

7-9:30 – band practice.

Talk of playing the UU Church’s “Battle of the Bands.”

Random mention of Elvis Costello leads to a working up of “Watching the Detectives.”

Breakdown equipment and get ready to head home.

  1. and I set a lunch meeting.

9:45 – home.

Type up these notes.

Watch a bit of a show on the SyFy channel with D. Not my thing.

Check email.


Take dog out.

Up to bed.

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