February 12, 2016


  • Wake up, check emails
  • Think about tasks to complete for the day


  • Shower, get ready
  • Think about plans for lunch


  • Drive to gas station for Mt. Dew
  • Plan on picking up food, but bummed they still have breakfast out


  • Drive to meet local business owner and discuss business and potential ideas
  • Wonder about ways to add on to my current business or leverage another one to work together


  • Pull up social media to check personal and business notifications, respond to business ones
  • Feel annoyed answering silly questions and by people complaining about things. Think of the best ways I’ve handled responses in the past


  • Drive to work to start opening the shop
  • Think about all the things I need to get done while it’s quieter in the afternoon


  • Talk with golf coach and SID about recent golf trip and spring break plans
  • Little bit anxious for spring break to arrive, some sense of worry about being away that long and having to close down for 5 days while students are gone


  • Sit down at computer to respond to emails and start working on the day’s task list
  • Dreading having to make phone calls when they usually end up with automated answering systems


  • Pull up social media in attempt to stall working on my to-do list
  • Think about how to approach some sales calls for business opportunities with people I’ve never spoken to before


  • Make call about potential vending machine business
  • Think of potential locations to place machines as well as what kind of product to supply with


  • Call my mom to discuss vending machine options at her workplace


  • Discuss sponsorship and fundraiser options with 2 different groups in person
  • I had to decline both so I felt bummed, always love when I can find mutually beneficial partnerships


  • Check social media notifications for business


  • Fix nachos quick for late lunch
  • Regretting not getting “real food” before coming in to work


  • Take a phone call from my grandma


  • Think about how the things I’ve worked on can be leveraged for something that pleases God. I’ve got a good friend in prison I want to help out when he get released so I’m constantly thinking of ways I can leverage business ideas to help him as well as others


  • Research vending machine brands, suppliers, locations, etc.
  • Think about what a successful business would be like and what area I’d like to try it in


  • Read casually, browse social media and email


  • Leave work for the day. Run errands.
  • Think about plans for the next day and write everything down


  • Watch NBA celebrity game


  • Watch Netflix
  • Shut my mind off of everything work related and just relax

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