February 17, 2016

7:34 Wake up to use the restroom. My alarm is set to go off in a half hour or so but I think I don’t have much to get done this morning so I set it back a while. I feel rested but it’s been a long time since I’ve really slept well consistently so I enjoy my longer morning.

9:15 Alarm goes off and I wake up, check emails and social media. I start running through all my objectives and tasks for the day. I make a mental note to order contacts at the end of the week. I’ve been to the eye doctor 5 times the last couple weeks to get glasses and find some daily contacts. It’s been a struggle to find a good fit and I’m starting to get sick of making appointments to go over there all the time.

10:15 Just showered and got ready for the day. I typically wear the same thing every day and have multiples of it so I don’t waste much time with trivial decisions in the mornings. I grabbed a shake for breakfast – I just started dieting recently. I find it difficult to stay in a good routine with my changing schedule. Hopefully I can great some better habits by scheduling options ahead of time. I do struggle without solid foods after a period of time. I’ve cheated a couple times this week but I haven’t had any pop and that’s a miracle in itself. Usually I start the day with a 44oz and I’ll have another later in the evening. I’ve realize I need to start taking better care of myself physically – my mom is diabetic and I’ll be paying for my own insurance soon so it’s a win long term for me to establish good habits now.

12:00 Just got the doors open in the shop. I could do the opening routine in my sleep but I still dread it sometimes. Doing the same thing over and over bores me especially when it’s busy work. When I ran to the ATM I stopped to chat with another business owner about an idea we might partner on. He’s a little less gung ho to pull the trigger but he is the one who would be putting the money on the line.

1:00 I ran through all my emails and responded to ones necessary. Checked all social media personal and business. Made plans to go to the BSU basketball game this Friday since its nationally televised. New possible business would be incorporated to BSU sporting events too so want to scope out how it might fare at a busy game. The men’s team seems to be getting better so seems like it could be a good more to get a business involved with their games in the coming years with increased attendance hopefully.

4:10 Just finished up Bible study with some college students and a local pastor. We need in the shop every week. I love having time set aside to congregate with other believers and having it in the shop every week makes sure I’m always there. It is getting a little harder to do because I keep getting interrupted when customers come in with the weather warming up. This winter we usually made it through uninterrupted for an hour or so.

7:30 Just got off work. Taught the girl coming in to take over how to do a couple things on the computer real quick. We were a little busier than normal today so I’ve been more active filling up toppings and cleaning up messes today.

8:20 Had to run to Walmart to pick up more water, hot chocolate and marshmallows for the shop. Grabbed some things for myself while I was out. It gets old making so many trips every week but at least I can get personal stuff while I’m there too. Always seems to take about an hour to get there and back with everything but I feel like it waste an hour of my day doing it all the time.

8:30 I’m sitting down to watch the IU game. My family is diehard IU so I usually text my dad back and forth during. I usually make note to catch my sports teams when I can work them into my schedule. I like to go to games but haven’t been able to since opening my own business.

9:30 I’ve been talking to a girl lately and we discussed some plans for a date this weekend. She’s super down to earth and easy going and I’m excited to meet someone new. I’ve been out of a relationship for a year and I feel I’m comfortable enough alone to consider dating someone else again. I’m very wary to become dependent on someone else, or vice versa. I have a lot on my plate and can’t devote the time some need in a relationship. I like to be as independent as possible.

10:45 IU game just finished and I got ready for bed. I’ll turn on some Netflix until I start to doze off. I’ve got a busy day tomorrow so I’ll plan on getting up a little earlier than normal.

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