February 28, 2016

8:00 alarm goes off. I enjoy waking up when the sun is shining through the window. We’ve got a golf recruit on campus today and I don’t have to meet them til  9:50 so I take my time waking up. Stayed up and watched the NBA game last night so I read a lot of the recap stuff this morning about Steph Curry

9:00 I hop in the shower and get ready. I’ve got a Starbucks gift card so I plan on grabbing some coffee on the way to campus but the line is crazy so I skip it.

10:00 recruit arrives and we take them through a tour of campus and explain kind of how we structure the program as far as academics, practice, living arrangement, etc.

10:30 I got a text from an employee that she broke a part cleaning machines this morning. I enjoy not having to clean them every weekend like I used to but they never do as good of a job when I’m not there. I’m comfortable they all know what they’re doing now but I just don’t like they don’t pay attention to details as much as I’d like

11:30 we meet up with some of the players for lunch and let the recruit spend some time away from coaching staff so they can get a feel of what things are like from a player perspective. Any coach can make his program sound great but the players are the one that sell it.

12:00 recruit is spending some time with players so I sit with coach and watch gymnastics warm ups and check email, social media, etc.

1:00 recruit meets back up with us and we drop him off at the ADs office for a short meeting and head up to the office to get ready to wrap things up.

1:30 we offer the recruit and outline the plan the next couple years. He seems really interested and we made a really good offer to him. He doesn’t seem anxious to decide but I like our chances of getting him.

2:30 got a text that we needed plastic wrap and water in the shop so I stopped at Walgreens on my way home and grabbed some. We switched flavors so I made a new menu board. I like everything to be the same so I always make everything in my handwriting.

3:30 I come home to relax a bit and watch some golf on tv. I text the girl I’ve been talking to cuz we haven’t chatted all weekend. She went to IU to visit friends so I let her be. I’m not real needy but she seems to party a lot more than I really care for, doesn’t really interest me much. We haven’t spent a ton of time together so I’m not gonna try to characterize her too much until I know for sure. I hope we can hang out again before spring break. If we don’t I’ll pry lose some interest.

5:30 just woke up from a little impromptu nap. I love afternoon naps on weekends and golf on TV usually does the trick! I watch the last couple holes of the day.

10:00 I put off some things I could have done today but hadn’t had a chance to sit down much all weekend so I just watched some tv, read a little bit and enjoyed the quiet. I got hungry for bed so made some pasta and put the dishes away.

10:45 Hopped in bed and turned on some Netflix til I fall asleep. Ready for this week to be over so I can enjoy a week of spring break but I’m dreading all I’ve got to get done between now and then.

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