February 12, 2016

Up an hour early (6am) to attend Muncie Sunrise Rotary. Ugh, I am not a morning person. Made my usual pot of coffee and took the entire pot to work in my thermos.

At Rotary, presenter was Al Rent from Indiana Public Radio. Al talked about the history of WBST and a lot about the radio and tv program at BSU (of which I am a graduate of). He showed some images of the old facilities and a favorite faculty member of mine- R.T. Brought back some fun memories of my time as a student. He also talked about today’s state of the art WBST facility in the David Letterman building. When he mentioned that one of the large recording studios had a baby grand piano, I smiled because that piano belonged to my late friend B. E., who was a producer at the station. He composed a wedding song for my wife and I’s wedding back in 2005 and played it for us on that same baby grand piano that now sits in the WBST studio. His family donated it to the station after his death in 2011.

Got in to my office at 8:25, immediately set about prepping for 3 back to back meetings later in the day. Team meeting at 9am for coworkers to outline the day’s priorities.

Looking out my window that overlooks school playground. Cold and snowy, so no kids out at recess time today. On warmer days I can see and hear them playing loudly outside.

Headed to Cardinal Greenway at 11am for a meeting to discuss a construction project that I helped to create through a partnership between the hospital, Rotary Club, and the Greenway. Second and third meetings were also at the Greenway, I am a Greenway board member and chair the fundraising committee and the nominating committee. Fundraising group is working on a really exciting cycling event for this summer.

1:30pm back in my car and heading to the office. Called my wife T, who has been ill all week, to see if she is feeling any better. She has missed work nearly all week. She still sounded ill on the phone.

Grabbed a Subway sandwich- club with no cheese on flatbread for lunch at 2pm. I try to keep a low fat low cholesterol diet. Subway gives me a good option for healthy eating on the run.

4:45, wrapping up for the day when a colleague stopped in to discuss some joint projects. We also caught up on personal news. Its really nice to have worked somewhere for as long as I have, you get to know so many great people.

5:30pm- off to our on-site fitness center here at work – 35 minutes on the elliptical, 35 minutes on the stationary bike. I use my ipad to watch 2 episodes of Criminal Minds on Netflix. I enjoy the grizzly nature and investigative work portrayed on the show. Watching keeps me from getting bored with indoor exercise.

7:30pm- home, and my wife asks me to make a pizza for supper. I use a store bought dough, and then add fresh spinach, mushrooms, sweet peppers, turkey pepperoni, and low fat cheese. Makes me feel good to consciously watch what I eat.

After supper I retired to my home office and wrote out bills, and worked on tweaking some photos for my daughter. She sent them to me and asked if I could lighten/enhance and crop, as they were done in poor lighting. My daughter is 30 and engaged to be married, which makes me happy as I still feel so much responsibility for her. Whenever she calls (such as she did tonight to ask for help with the pictures) I always fear it is something bad, as thru the years I’ve gotten lots of calls from her following car wrecks, car breakdowns, fainting episodes, boyfriend breakups, school problems etc. Guess that worrying is part of being a parent. Hopefully when she is married I will worry less. Also watched another episode of Criminal Minds on Netflix, ha. I rarely watch cable tv anymore, preferring to catch tv series’ on Netflix.

10pm, my evening ritual of taking meds, followed by getting the coffeemaker ready for morning and also letting out the 2 dogs before bedtime. My large dog is 14, and moves pretty slow these days. He’s an outdoor dog but stays in the garage during the winter. Our small dog stays inside and sleeps with us.

Tired, I went to bed around 10:30pm.

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