February 17, 2016

Today is February 17th 2016. I woke up to my cat this morning just after six. He is capable of being very loud. He also managed to wake up M. but H. slept through it. M. made French toast for breakfast. I have the day off from work.
It is now 8:29 and we are debating the issue of H.’s six month vaccinations. She didn’t react well to her first round and with the second it was worse. But then diseases are bad too. I imagine we’ll beat around the bush, research it some more and do it anyway. Being a parent sucks sometimes, mostly it’s wonderful though.
M. left to do some laundry at her mom’s house (conveniently about a mile away) and I’m about to go for a run and take a sower.
We are about to go to the mall and walk. I never understood mall walking until I had a six month old baby in the winter. Hazel sleeps much better if we get her out of the house a lot. And it’s good for our sanity. It’s about twelve thirty so we are going to eat lunch at subway first.
At the mall we ran into M.’s dad. He walked with us for a while and went on his way. A few laps later Hazel had a meltdown so I carried her the rest of the way and she fell asleep. We are on our way home now and we are all tired. I hope we can sleep when we get home.
Its 4:10 H. and M. fell asleep for about ten minutes then H. woke up. We have now watched a little Mozart DVD three times. She’s still absorbed and I can’t decide if that’s a good or bad thing. M. is laying down she didn’t sleep well last night.
It’s about 5:07 and I’m cooking dinner. After that we are going to M.’s mom’s house to continue laundry. We do a LOT of laundry. I suppose I knew that but it’s more noticeable when you’re writing about it.

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