February 28, 2016

I don’t want to wake up this morning. It’s 6:30 and still dark outside. I want to make breakfast but I don’t want to wake up M. and H. I’m also scared to eat because I have a broken tooth. I have decided I’m going to eat a can of soup. Exciting I know, but these are the big questions I start my morning with. If I think about it too long I won’t eat and then I’ll be sick at work. Here I go!

I’m at work now but I’m twenty minutes early so I’m sitting in the parking lot. There are no other cars here so I’m wondering if anyone else is here.

I decided to go inside. Turns out the assistant manager is here she just didn’t drive and the reason no other cars are here is because one person got fired today and another person quit. A lot of people have been getting fired for absences lately. The let people get away with it for a long time but now they are cracking down I guess. It will be hard to meet production this week down two people.

I’m on my first break and it’s 10:30. I’m not as stressed as I was earlier because someone donated their entire DVD and cd collection which gave me a huge media count that goes on our wares count. That helps to make up for the people that are gone, otherwise we would struggle all week.

It’s four thirty and I’m done and ready to go home. I got busy and missed my lunch today so I’ll get in trouble for that tomorrow and I’m really hungry so I’m going to go home and make dinner. Soup is what I’m brave enough to eat right now so I’ll make potato dumpling soup. I’ve been craving hot food all day.

It’s 6:15 and I’m home and I just finished making dinner we are going to eat and then I want to go outside. M. and H. and l have spent a lot of time outside today so I’m going for a walk by myself.  As much as I love spending time with them I’m kind of looking forward to some alone time.

I’m at the river now. I walk here a lot because it’s close and I like the way it feels here. There are a lot of animals out today.  I saw a huge turtle jump in the river and pissed off some ducks and geese, and I’ve seen two dogs with no people attached to them.

I’m home now and I just read six stories to H, Usually she doesn’t like to sit through that many but she really likes Dr Seuss and I recently found all of my old books at my mom’s house. I think I enjoy story time at least as much as she does.

She’s asleep now and I have to work tomorrow so I’m going to do the same.

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