February 12, 2016

Today is a travel day. J. and I have done a lot of traveling but since we adopted L. 9 months ago, traveling is certainly more of a challenge. We have still been able to make several trips, but she is now at the point where she is more aactives do mobile so this journey to California could prove difficult. We are currently waiting in the car while she naps. Our flight doesn’t leave for a few more hours.

This morning we spoke in a class at the organization we adopted through. They will bring in couples who have already been through the process to share with other couples who are just starting the adoption journey. It was an honor to be able to share our story. So far L. has been great in our travels, through our speaking engagement, and during a nice sushi lunch. But we haven’t gotten on a plane yet. This will be the real test.

First flight down and so far so good. Everything is a blur. We are tired. We are hoping to get L. to sleep during our two hour layover. I’m not confident. This is her normal bedtime but she seems to curious and distracted to sleep and we still have another flight ahead of us before we reach Dallas to visit some friends.

As I thought, L. did not sleep before or during the second flight. She’s loopy. We managed to keep her somewhat content on the plane, but she’s a ticking time bomb. Sorry this first entry is so focused on getting our daughter on and off of planes, but if you’ve ever traveled with an infant the you understand. It’s survival mode.

We arrived at the Dallas airport and were picked up by some friends…. Actually, this is the first time we’ve ever met. As we were raising money for our adoption, a random family from Dallas found our profile and donated a large sum of money to our cause. We have stayed in touch since and when we planned this trip to California we figured it would be a good time to stop through Dallas and meet these new friends. They are wonderful. As tired as we are, we get L. to bed and stay up chatting with them. It’s wierd. It’s like we have been friends for a long time. Good people. But it’s finally time for us to retire. L. is in bed 4 hours after her normal bed time. Who knows what tomorrow will hold for her. We crash. Good night.

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