February 23, 2016

Going to be a long, full day. My first work day back from vacation and I have a lot to catch up on. I spend the morning at Concannon’s bakery, using their facility as my office. Even though I have a home office, sometimes I find a get more done without all of the distractions that my house can bring my way.

Today I am mainly working on an upcoming fundraising banquet that I am in charge of. We are just over two weeks out and I feel ill prepared, but I find comfort knowing that I feel this way every year about the banquet and it always goes great. I get some good work done… follow up phone calls and text messages, emails, and a few scheduling items. Time goes quickly and before I know it, I am heading into a very busy afternoon schedule with several meetings.

First, I meet with my friend and, in some ways, a mentor to me. I enjoy these meetings. We talk about life, theology, movies, and everything in between. We laugh, we encourage each other, and I am always amazed at his intellect. But it has been great because he is going through some troubling situations and I feel like I can actually be a resource for him instead of being the one who is “taking” all of the time.

I leave that meeting to go to my second, which, unfortunately, isn’t one I am looking forward. Due to the nature of the job, I can’t really elaborate, but sometimes in my job we meet people who are just difficult to love and difficult to understand. The conversations are awkward and sometimes feel forced, but they are lonely and just need to be acknowledged. When you learn to love those who are difficult to love, you are really beginning to live the Christian life, but I have some work to do.

After this, I head over to the Muncie Mission because our church cooks meals for and eats with the guys once a month. It’s one of the favorite things my church does. The guys are always grateful and we get to serve and love in a very tangible way. We’ve been doing this for a number of years and I feel I learn more from the guys than I could ever teach them. We have a group of about a dozen people from our church who help out with this dinner and they are some of the most selfless and life giving people I know. Spending time with them is a joy.

After running home for a short time, my wife and daughter and I head over to an appointment to execute a will. It’s one of those things you always know you should do, but just keep putting it off. When we were told there was a special offer to have your will drafted for a fraction of the cost is usually is, J. and I jumped on the opportunity and we spend about an hour there before I head back to the house for one last meeting after putting our daughter down for bed.

Back home I begin a counseling session for a young couple who I will be officiating their wedding in August. They are a great couple, but so young. I cannot imagine getting married before I graduate college. It’s a good meeting as we talk about the theology of marriage and I do my best to play a small role in preparing them for the future. By the time we are done, it is a quarter after nine and I am ready to relax. After watching a little TV and doing some reading, it’s lights out!

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