February 12, 2016

9:50a m WOKE UP!  D., my dog, has jumped up on the bed and wants me to pet her.  This is one way to get me up and get me to move.  WE spend some time together.   It is another way to start the day.  Of course I do not want to get our of the comfortable bed and go for a walk in the cold, but I guess it needs to be done.

10:05 to 10:20 am D. and I go for our morning walk.  It is quiet out here among the trees and snow. I like the time to my self and D. does her doggie things.

10:25 am fix breakfast.  Toast for D. and me.  Yogurt and tea..

10:30 am read the newspaper nothing much it

11:00AM  Help my friend T with her cats.  We are bring them down to my apartment while her apartment gets sprayed.  I call wrestling the cats.  One of three cats escapes from her bed room which will have to come later when they find it.

11:15 am back to finish the newspaper funnies my laughs or the day and work the cross word puzzle.  My mental exercise for the day.

11:50 am. Went to computer room to check for emails.  Talked to M.  Wished my lap top was working it is in the shop along with the desk top.  Hope to get them tomorrow after the community dinner.

12:20 am went to get B’s diet Pepsi and candy for the community dinner.  I want the small boxes of candy hearts to pass out. Found them on the tops shelf of the Family Dollar store.  Darn I have reach for them.  Got nine packages of 4, that should be enough with a few extra.

1:00 pm Lunch and television watching.  Another quiet time.  Crackers and cheese.  Good lunch.   Of course D. has to have some also.  she loves cheese

1:30 pm Wash soda cans.  I recycle the can so I can cash them in for money for our community dinners.   We always need paper plates, plastic ware, napkins. etc.  I have to keep thinking of the money we save from all of the cans.  I have about 5 residents save them for me.  Of course they do not rinse them out.  (Why do I do this??

1:35pm fold  towels.  They have been sitting there for two days. Does not take long but getting around to it.

1:45 pm sorting socks.  Oh that is why I did the towels,  I was out of socks

1:50 pm time to sit and watch tv and knit.  That was interesting what they were cooking on Create (pbs)

2:40 pm L., another daughter calls and wants me to help her Dad clean out things from his entertainment center.  They have got him a new one and they will be delivering it later today.  She does not want to come and do it because she is tired from working and coming down with a cold.

Go over to my ex-husbands apartment  with B. and get things ready for them.  Find a couple DVD’s I think I would like.

2:50 pm back to resting, watching tv and knitting.  I am making a scarf for L.  It looks like dog hanging around her neck.  It is black and white like her dog S., a part dalmation

3:30pm took another resident, J., to a food pantry.  We both about froze waiting.  The food pantry let us in 10 at a time, instead of 5 at a time.  Thank goodness so it went faster.

4:35 pm return with a bag of groceries and a sack of bread.  Bread is going to T because she is out of bread and could not go with us.  Got a nice turkey breast.  Trying to decide what to do with it.  I think I will cook it and ask some of the neighbors in.  B. has supper ready.  Good it is hot.

5:00pm called G., the ex-husband, for supper.  Of course he is not hungry.  says his stomach is upset.

5:30 pm  clean the table and wash the dishes. Waiting for C. to show up,  She is an old friend of T’s from Henry County. We are planning to play Sequence tonight with T. and K.–my neighbor.

6:30 pm C. arrives and I sit with her while she eats.  We talk.

6:45 pm K. comes and we get B. to sit in until T. comes.  T. shows up during the first round.  On with the game

8:00 pm Wrestle cats.  All four of us getting cats rounded up and back to T’s apartment.  and back to the game.  Lots of fun and crazy things.   We enjoy some good laughs

10:20: pm Game is called to an end.  C. needs to go home with this weather, K. wants to see the 11:00 pm News.  I need to walk D.

10:25 pm walk D.  It is cold but very quiet.  She wants to get back in and hurries,

10:30 pm  Off to bed.  I read a couple chapters in the book I am reading, “A Test of Wiills” by Charles Todd.  An English mystery after WW 1

11:30 pm  went to sleep

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