February 23, 2016

8:15 am wake up.  D. still asleep.  I usually do not get up this early but B. has a doctors appointment at 10:00am.

8:30 am.  Walk D.  See my neighbor that lives a 13th and.  He is walking his two dogs.  D. wants to check them out but we are going a different way. It is a beautiful day but there is a dip in the air from the breeze.

8:45 am Breakfast.  Sharing toast with D.  Need to eat before we go.  Reading part of the newspaper before we go.

9:35 am. Done with part of newspaper and getting ready to go to Doctor.

9:55 am.  Sitting at Doctor with my book.  Taking advantage of the chance to read.

10:50 am  Done with Doctor and on our way to Walmart.  Need to get bird feed for the birds, and trash bags.

11:25 am Need to look up MK.  Saw two vans at the Hoosier Pete with 3 or 4 city police.   Apparently he is  singer from Nashville.  Must be doing a concert some where.  B. picks up her Pepsi and I check with M. to see if she knows about the vans.   She and her son was at Walmart and saw the vans also.

11:30 am Return home, need to get lunch and finish the cross word puzzles.

11:50 am check the messages on phone and found out the my friend A’s Mom has had her 4th stroke and is in the transition unit at Ball Hospital.  Eating my lunch, peanut butter sandwich.  Decide to lay down and read for while.  I might get this book done today.

1:15 pm  T (resident) shows up and I decide to get up and visit.  She came down to give D. a treat.

2:25 pm Clean out sink and wash 3 bags of cans.   I now have 7 bags of can to take to the recycle tomorrow.  While I took them out of furnace room notice the water heater is dripping.  Need to call A, the maintance man.

3:15 pm Decide to make Salmon Patties for the gathering tonight at 5:00pm.  So I need to get started on them.  Going to make cheese sauce to go with them.  Why, i don’t know, just saw it with the receipe.  Sounds good and i have a piece of cheese left in frig.

4:15 pm Everything is done and simmering.  Take time out to rest and play my games on the computer.

4:45 pm Took the food down to the Cafe for the gathering.   A nice group there.  Nice socializing and visiting.

6:00 pm returned to apartment and cleaned up the dishes.  Really enjoyed the visit with the residents that showed up.

6; 15 pm Sit down at computer and played solitare.  face book games not coming up.  B. goes down to visit with M. and J.

7:00 pm T. comes down to watch Family Fued. i can not believe some of the things they say on that show.  Where do they get those questions and answeres?

8:00 pm Watch “Finding Your Roots.”  Very interesting.  Gloria Steinburg, a male blond actor ( use to play a very young doctor) and a Latino writer.  Facinating.

9:00 pm Watching the “Chief and the Farmer” on PBS.   She is talking about cooking okra.  UGH!  i did not know okra grew like that!  Beatuful flower for such an ugly thing to eat.

9:30 pm Take D. out.  Wind has died down and it is quite pleasent.  I can not believe it will be snowing tomorrow evening.

9:45 pm finish watching Create.  P. is cooking something. Waiting for the news at 10.

10:00 pm Watching the news.   Nothing really on it except the weather.  I can not believe the snow will be that bad.   Worse on of the year.

10:25 pm  Off to bed and reading.  Another Charles Todd mystery “Legacy of Death.” almost done.

11:35 pm Finished the book and ready to start the next one, going to sleep.

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