February 28, 2016


>> Dogs woke me up barking, but I stayed in bed.


>> got up after dogs were still barking. Fed everyone, let everyone out, etc. Made coffee and frozen waffles. Paper not delivered to front porch yet.


>> back to bed with a Stephen King book The Bazaar of Bad Dreams and coffee


>> napped


>>up to let dogs out and read print edition of paper, start laundry, snacked on pop, chips, and hummus.


>> computer to check if something we are trying to sell on some FB rummage sites had any nibbles, it did not.


>> shower. Need to go over to vet to get more seizure med for Sam. Called  vet to check on med, but they are out and could not fill it today


>> Dad laundry into wash, hung up mine out back on the line, but it is windy, so not sure how they will stay put. Trying to save $ on electric bill which has been over $90 the past 2 months when it normally would be $50-ish. Furnace makes the electric bill go high, but ironically, the gas heat bill is around $60.


>> picked up dog poop out back


>>Back inside for Dad laundry turnover and hung his up out there. Laundry was blowing all over


>> lunch out back. Made tuna salad and ate it with crackers and water.


>> half a basket full of finished, dried, folded laundry fell into the fucking pond after wind blew it off of the back table. GRRR! My boyfriend, G. called and was concerned about the vet being out of our dog’s seizure med. He wants to call it to a Muncie pharmacy.  I wasn’t worried about S. missing a few doses, but G. was. He fixed the issue. Sat out back and checked email.


>> walked P. in her wheelchair and S. around the neighborhood. Neighbor kids didn’t walk with us today; they helped me last night when I walked the same two dogs. Walked for half an hour. LOTS of litter all over… including aluminum cans that I wanted to collect for ARF, but the only bag I had with me already had dog crap in it from Sam. Wind was blowing terribly and trash toters were falling over all over the place… trash is collected on Monday here, so a lot of them were falling into the street. I could not pick up all of the trash with the wind blowing so badly. Lost cause. Noticed lots of tree limbs down, too.


>> to Walgreens  on 12th street to get dog med.  Came home and locked my keys inside the truck. I also left the back door of the house unlocked when I left, so was able to get into the house and retrieve extra truck key so I could get my whole key set. As I was doing that, I noticed the truck plate expired in Nov. of ’15! I have been driving on an expired plate! I rarely drive the truck, but I felt awful. Have to figure out if it is registered to G’s Indy address or my Muncie address. 4 of our cars are registered under both of our names, so it can be hard to keep track of the fleet. — more laundry. Already gave up after the pond incident, and took all  the line stuff down and have been doing it in the dryer.


>> at computer to look up registration info. Got mad all over again about how high Delaware County or Muncie’s Sur/wheel tax runs vs Indy… our cars registered to G’s address in Zionsville only has a $7.50 surcharge/wheel tax and the fee for that same part of the registration runs $25 in Muncie. More grrrrrr. Got the truck caught up $72. 35 included a $5 late fee.


>> dinner of half a wrap with lettuce, carrots, some kind of fancy sliced cheese G. left here and rest of tuna salad. worked on diary.


>> to bed to read some more and watch tv.


>>up to let dogs out, then back to bed for more reading. Started crying about S.  being old and about to die soon. She has been a very challenging dog rescue, but after having her since 2005 or so, she has come a long way. Old age sucks. She was very confused all day and had trouble navigating my back steps into the house. I will have to put her to sleep soon and this made me bawl. G. called to check in about his mom who is transferring from one facility to another on Monday. She is improving and will be out of a hospital setting for the first time since Oct. I told him about being sad about S. and he started bawling too. He remembered that his dog D. died 6 years ago on Feb. 28. He remembers it b/c of it being the last day of feb. She got loose from him at the parking lot of Petco and was hit by a car going 50 on Michigan Rd in Indy. It is about 6 lanes wide. He saw her get hit and could do nothing to get her to come back to him as he chased after her. I am glad I was not with him. Would not want to be haunted with that vision.


>> finally turned off the light for bed. I need to go to bed earlier.

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