March 5, 2016


dogs woke me up, let them out. Can’t remember if I fed them at that time. Back to bed and did crossword puzzles for 1 hour. Fell back to sleep until 7am


Got up and either fed dogs or didn’t. Can’t remember. Then maybe read the paper?

Frustrating family issues via email.


another nap! I love naps with the dogs


  1. called to check in. I was eating a small croissant with a fried egg and turkey bacon.



really can’t remember what I did during the early afternoon



fed dogs and let them all out


put dogs up in crates so I could go get parents for dinner


At dad’s appt to get his laundry. I do his laundry each week and get paid $10 a week to wash/dry/iron it. He’s not able to any longer. ( He would not be able to remember  if his laundry was in the apt. facility laundry facilities).– I smelled cat pee in dad’s room! I initially I thought it was something I washed in  my own basement, so I sniffed all the stuff I washed and located it on just one side of the room. Called my mom to come sniff it, and she smelled it. We concluded it came from the shared wall with the apt next door! The lady next door has a cat and apparently is “slow” or mentally ill. Ugh. Other neighbors in the building informed us of this.


off to MCL with folks for dinner. . Dad wanted to pop 5 tums,and got mad at me for not letting him eat that many.


Dad is in bad mood from bad heartburn from his previous snack ( he bought salt and vinegar chips last weekend when I took him grocery shopping, arguing with me that they were fine for him to eat), so hard to get him to order good meal. He went for chili, as he could not even remember he had severe heartburn. We got him fish with mashed taters and green beans. He also snagged a jello right off the bat even though he was “full” already.

Taking care of a parent with poor memory is hard to do. He often can’t remember any of his health issues, so makes poor choices, then we have to accept phone calls from him about how miserable he feels. Sigh…

We put meal on dad’s bank card as he has to spend $ in order to keep him under a certain amount to qualify for Medicaid or he loses the Medicaid. Stupid to waste money to keep money, but that is how it works, so we plan family restaurant meals to help keep his bank account down.


after dinner, we went to the bookstore. I never mall shop and had never been there. I bought an overpriced 3D bookmark with a creepy spider and it’s web on it. $6. NOthing else as I can’t afford to spend money on anything.


back at dad’s to do his eye drops. I do them on Saturday and Monday nights. My sister does them on Tuesday night, and we have home care do them each AM and the other nights. For over a year, I did them for 5 nights a week which was super frustrating and wearisome. We finally got him enrolled in Medicaid, so he can now have home care helpers assist us with this task.  


back at my house to let dogs out. Also scooped cat litter in the basement. Bed to watch tv.


fell asleep watching Dateline or something. Woke up at 11pm, watched news and did crossword puzzle after letting dogs out.

12 midnight

fell asleep for good.


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