In this section, you will find infographics that were made based off of the questionnaires that we distributed to our informants during the five week data collecting stage of the project. Typically, the questionnaires were 30 questions each and took about 30-40 minutes to complete. Our questionnaires were a combination of multiple choice and written answers; however, we tended to have more written responses because we wanted to view as many intricacies of everyday life as possible. That being said, you will find that these infographics are not entirely representative of the questionnaires as it wasn’t possible, in an aesthetically pleasing way, to display all questions/answers. However, the questionnaires in full are housed with the Center for Middletown Studies. Keep in mind when looking through the infographics that not every informant took all the questionnaires, so the percentages could be different for every infographic.

Take this survey to get a little taste of what our informants had to do during our five week study period of the project. This questionnaire has 10 questions taken from our original questionnaires. After choosing the answer choice that best fits you, you will be led to a prompt in which you can see what some of the other informants had to say about the same question. Here, in keeping with our mission statement, you can be not only a part of the ongoing study of everyday life but see how your answer choices are similar to the informants, having the everyday life moments bridge divides.


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