SaxonyMy name is Saxony Wynecoop, and I am senior telecommunications major, with a focus on audio production, and a minor in Spanish. My role in this project has been specifically to help with sound on the short documentary.

In the past, I have worked with a film immersion class to make a short film based on stories from an advanced screenwriting class, and I have been the music director of WCRD (the on-campus radio station) for the last year. Recently, I have joined a study abroad trip for the Olympics in Brazil where I hope to conclude my undergraduate degree.

From my experience with this class, I have reviewed a great deal about everyday life and all of its specifics that shape our lives. It is weird to think that we go about living our day without a thought as to why we do the things we do; for example, I wonder about the impact a ring on my finger has on the rest of my day. This is a common thread throughout my diaries: wondering or anticipating the impact that things will have on my day or mood. I also tend to find connections between my life and TV shows I watch, like finding out a character in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia has the same name as one of the theorists we have been studying.