The Everyday Life in Middletown seminar was sponsored by Ball State University and the Virginia B. Ball Center for Creative Inquiry in collaboration with The Center for Middletown Studies.

We’d like to thank all of the informants that participated in our study. It would not have been possible without them and they have our immense gratitude.

The EDLM student team would also like to thank our professor, Dr. Patrick Collier, for his guidance, theory expertise, unwavering support, and (most importantly) all of the bagels.

Special Thanks:
  • Eva Grouling Snider, for your generosity and help with website design
  • Dr. James Connolly, for sharing with us your extensive knowledge of Muncie
  • Ben Highmore, for sharing with us your expertise on the theory of everyday life
  • The Virginia B. Ball Center Staff
  • The English department at the University of Notre Dame and Dr. Barbara Green
  • Riley Paulsen and the Digital Corps
  • The Cornerstone Center for the Arts
  • Ball State Indianapolis Center
  • Ross Community Center and Jacqueline Hanoman
  • Buley Community Center
  • UnionDocs Center for Documentary Art
  • Museum of the Moving Image
  • Agnes Martin from The Museum of Modern Art
  • BSU Communication Center
  • BSU Teleplex
  • Munice Indiana Transit Services (MITS)
  • Ball State Library Archives and Special Collections
  • Digital Media Repository
  • The (Muncie) Star Press
  • The Indianapolis Star