TJMy name is T.J. Tekulve, and I’m a junior creative writing major graduating in the spring of ’17. As a creative writer, I mainly focus in poetry and some short stories here and there. My role in the project has been helping out with the website, particularly in areas that require proofreading or various creative aspects since my background in English  can be put to good use.

My free time tends to be spent alone browsing the Internet or playing video games, although I do have quite a few friends online I talk to on a regular basis. The games I play vary somewhat, but I tend to gravitate towards the Action RPG genre for whatever reason.

Going through my diaries makes me realize how often I talk about two things in particular: food and media. I tend to describe the food I’m eating just before I eat it in almost too much detail, describing the emotional, psychological, and sometimes physical impact it all has on me. Media is ever present as well, considering how much time I spend staring at a screen either watching YouTube or playing another video game when I’m not too busy.