February 23, 2016

8:00 alarm is set but I bump it back to 9. I’ve got some stuff to do this morning but I decide I can wait an hour then hurry instead. Stayed up too late watching Netflix last night.

9:00 alarm goes off and I stall as long as possible. Check emails, social media. Start thinking of everything I need to do before work.

9:45 just showered and got ready. I need to run to Walmart to pick up some food. I’m having a girl over to cook dinner for her. It’s our second date. She texts me and asks if we can do it a little sooner because she has plans at 9. We’re both really busy so it’s hard to have uninterrupted time together but I’m ok with it.

10:00 I got all my dirty clothes thrown in the basket, put laundry away and did the dishes. I’m usually really tidy but I’ve been running around so much lately I haven’t taken the time to clean up a little bit.

10:30 just got back from Walmart and I decide to vacuum since everything is put away, and take all the trash out. I check my emails again and I’ve got a ton of requests for fundraisers but I’ve already got a bunch scheduled coming up. I’m gonna have to think of another way to solve this problem long term because it takes up too much of my time organizing right now. Maybe I’ll have my marketing intern take care of it.

11:15 I head towards the shop to start opening for the day. I stop to chat with a local business owner on my way back from the ATM. I talked to our golf coach about the spring break trip and got the itinerary confirmed. I’m anxious for a week off but dreading the lack of revenue for 5 days when we close down.

12:00 I get my computer out and start getting ready to get things done. I order Jimmy Johns out of convenience. I make sure I have everything in order for a couple catering deals I have coming up. We have limited freezer space so I have to make sure our inventory is sufficient to handle everything and events don’t overlap.

12:45 I took down our menu board and changed it a little bit. I decided to advertise that we have Nathan’s brand. I think that will help with some recognition. I also excluded the discount on yogurt we normally do with a hot dog purchase. We don’t have many people go for it anyways so I’m trying not to constantly discount product.

2:30 I got all employees scheduled thru the end of the semester and marked days I will be gone with the golf team. I just hired one more so hopefully they will all be able to cover the shifts when I’m gone. Everyone wants to work until you hire them and then suddenly they have every reason under the sun they can’t work! I have to staff about twice as many employees as it really need and it just makes everything way more complicated.

5:00 Just finished brainstorming with the ChirpFest promoter on coordinating some marketing opportunities. He’s a really sharp guy and I think we have some better ideas than the first time around that will be mutually beneficial. He also reminded me of a business idea I had forgotten about I’ve started to look into.

6:45 I get off a little early so I can cook for my date. I run to get some things and Marsh is swamped with people getting food and freaking out about possible snow so I just leave and avoid the lines. I’ll just cook chicken frozen rather than getting fresh. She doesn’t seem real picky.

7:30 I start cooking and as she’s on her way her roommate gets rear ended. This is the 3rd time we’ve had something complicate us hanging out – it’s like a sign or something. Lol. But she had someone pick her up and she still made it over for a short while.

9:00 Date just ended. She was going to help a sorority sister with a paper and she had told me she had to leave around 9. It doesn’t really bother me but we haven’t had a chance for uninterrupted time yet. We’re both really busy and it’s hard to coordinate schedules. One of us always seems to be preoccupied with everything we have to get done. I’m pretty much emotionally cashed out for the day so I decide to leave the mess for clean up tomorrow. I’ve got another long day and haven’t had a day off in a couple weeks.

9:30 We text each other for a little while and I casually watch some Netflix. About 10:00 I decide to call it a night and get to sleep at a good hour for the next day.

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