March 5, 2016

Slept in- up at 10:30am, fixed coffee, let dogs out and in, medicines, checked email. Last night I posted a picture on FB of my 1971 Camaro Rally Sport that I owned while in high school and college. Lots of comments waiting this morning from my friends who shared in the memory of those fun times back in my high school and college days. Spent some time reminiscing this morning about some of the experiences that photo represented…dates, friendships, working on cars, …oh how quickly the time has gone by!

Fixed myself lunch- soup and a bagel.

Headed out to Valhalla Hall at 1pm. I invited one of my students and her fiancée to come observe/take photos of a practice session for the Society for Creative Anachronism. Members dress up in medieval fighting gear and enact fighting scenes. The session, which took place on the second floor above Valhalla Hall was organized by one of my friends, S.S. I set up some special lighting in the otherwise extremely dark room and encouraged my student to take pics, while her fiancée suited up in some borrowed armor and participated in the fighting.

I’ve noted this in my previous writings, but I so enjoy living in the city where I have so many friends and long term acquaintances. I made a movie when I was in college and my friend S. was the star. I met S. in 1975 when I was 14 and we have been friends ever since. You can check out Jake Powers, P.I. at

I headed towards the door at Valhalla and ran in to my friend J. , whom I’ve known for nearly 30 years. Stayed and enjoyed a beer with J. and his girlfriend A. . Talked about J.’s work, which involves emergency preparedness. Great to see J. – he used to work at the same place I do, until he struck out on his own with a consulting business.

Headed home, and spent some time backing up the images I took of the SCA fighting. Edited a few to show to my class when they return from spring break.

Gathered up a list of supplies needed and went to Wal Mart, Purchased groceries, laundry supplies and dog food. Stopped at Subway and had a sandwich. Came home and unloaded the items and put away.

Wrote out checks for bills. Cable/internet seems ridiculous at $166.23.

Watched some TV with Mrs. D..

Fell asleep on the couch watching TV about the time Saturday Night Live came on. I didn’t make it through the monologue.

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