February 28, 2016

10:25 am Woke up. Something next to my leg.  It is D. sleeping.  She must have come back to bed with me.

10:30 am  Walked D.  Saw two squirrels playing among the trees.  They would look at D. expecting her to chase them.  She was not interested.  More interested in sniffing things.  Ran into another resident, G., of course D. had to be petted.  The wind is blowing very Hard.   March Winds?

10:45 am got the newspaper from G.N. We have a traveling newspaper, I pass it on to M., another resident. Starting breakfast.

11:00 am Breakfast with D., she get some of the crust.  Reading the newspaper.  Have to sort the ads, the ones I want to read and the ones that go into the recycle.  Nothing much in the paper, as usual.

11:45 am Done with the newspaper, need to get dressed and get B’s soda.   D. is ready to go for her ride.  She gets so excited.

The weather is nice, if the wind does not blow.  Very sunny!

12:20 pm Checking email.  A couple of good knitting patterns but I am having trouble with the computer and printing them out, oh well I can do it tomorrow.

12:45 pm T. came down to watch a movie.  I need to check the Meijer ad before I give it to her.  We will be going on Thursday.  Knitting while movie on.  Started another project, finely finished the scarf.   This time it is an afghan in red, white and blue.

4:00 pm Movie is over and I need to feed the birds.  They are really noisy.

4:05 pm Exercised for the knee surgery in June and then reading.  Need the rest.

4:40 pm trying to nap.  At least I am resting.

5:40 pm  Got up and want to watch the news at 6:00 pm. The wind is still blowing a lot.

6:00 pm  Watched the news looking forward to Family Feud.

6:30 pm  My sister called to see if I worried about her being in New Orleans during the tornados.  Filled me in on her trip and the excitement.  Apparently it missed New Orleans but it did hit close by.  They had warnings for 24 hours.  During that time most of the buildings were close so they spent time in the time share.  Apparently is was a very nice day in Jamesville, New York and she was enjoying the weather, but she was tired from the trip.  We talked for about a half an hour.

7:00 pm Went back to the computer.  Played games, and relaxed.   Found out Downabby would not be on tonight.   Final chapter will be next Sunday.  Ok, must decide what to watch.

8:30 pm  Got me a peanut butter sandwich for supper, went back to knitting.

9:00 pm  Watched Rosseti and Isles.  Interesting.  I love a good mystery and enjoyed the humor.

10:00 pm Time for the news again.  Saw the information about the wreck in Selma that M. told me about Saturday night.  Two killed.

10:20 pm Time to walk D.  Very nice evening.  D. wants to sniff everything including the air.  I really enjoy the quiet of the night.

10:40 pm  Did my exercises again. Pain in the neck but apparently it builds my muscles up for the surgery.

11:00 pm Hearing the wind pick up again.  It is really whipping around the building.  The rain is coming.  Guess I will read my new book by Charles Todd.

11:20 pm Eve drops and off to sleep.

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