by T.J. Tekulve

Whether it be…

rain or snow…
 cloudless or storming… 
steaming or freezing…



…it will always have an impact on our everyday lives. Residing in a humid continental climate, Muncie experiences all of these conditions and more.

Over the relatively short period our diarists kept track of, they primarily experienced winter and early spring. Every date’s weather is described in varying detail, especially days where the weather is more invasive—the frequency with which diarists even mentioned weather at all reflects this.

Whether the words be plentiful or sparse, each day speaks volumes into the conditions experienced…

February 12th, 2016


“I had a fleeting thought of running out in the cold to wave down the [garbage] truck.”

“Cold and snowy, so no kids out at recess time today.

On warmer days I can see and hear them playing loudly outside.”

“It was cold! Around 19 degrees.”

Today is a quietly busy weather day. Snow falls and coats various objects and wind rustles branches and unsettled flakes—and almost everyone has something to say about it.

“It is quiet out here among the trees and snow.”

“thinking: about how COLD it is outside, yet I have to do what I am doing b/c I love my dog.”

“The cemetery was covered in snow. It was pretty but cold and very sad.”

The snow covers more than the roofs, mailboxes, and patios. It covers the very essence of the day.

February 17th, 2016


“I first open my eyes to the grey sky through the skylight above my bed.”

Today is even quieter. Coldness and residual snow still resonate through the diarists who mention the weather.

“Still some snow on the ground.”

“Warmer weather I would have walked!”

It’s not only this day’s weather that comes up, however; while weather takes place in the present, it lives on back to the past and on through to the future—seasons.

“We are about to go to the mall and walk. I never understood mall walking until I had a six month old baby in the winter.”

And with this temporality weather possesses comes the desire to see forward, to predict, to forecast…

“head downstairs, bathroom break, check email, NY Times, Instagram, and Weather”

February 23rd, 2016


“I was stunned with it being almost 70 degrees and [Morningside Park] was vacant.”

“golden sun streaming through the window next to my desk, a nice treat on a February day in Indiana!”

“…the pools were not filled up because even though it’s Spring weather….it wasn’t spring yet.”

Today is a pleasant day, simply put. However, there is the looming threat of more snow coming; even pleasant conditions can’t prevent the paranoia of predicted adverse ones…

“Marsh is swamped with people getting food and freaking out about possible snow so I just leave and avoid the lines.”

“It is a beautiful day but there is a dip in the air from the breeze.”

One diarist felt particularly struck by the present conditions’ contrast to the future:

“Wind has died down and it is quite pleasent.  I can not believe it will be snowing tomorrow evening.”

“Watching the news.   Nothing really on it except the weather.  I can not believe the snow will be that bad.   Worse one of the year.” 

February 28th, 2016

Walnut crossing

“I’m thankful for the beautiful weather.”

“We talk about our dogs, and the warmish weather.”

“…we will go home for a bit, hopefully catch a nap, take a walk to enjoy the unseasonably warm weather…”

“It is warm and beautiful.”

Today is another unseasonably warm day for February; however, it comes with unfavorably gusty conditions more thoroughly experienced by others. One informant tells the unfortunate tale of laundry in the wind:

“Laundry was blowing all over”

“folded laundry fell into the fucking pond after wind blew it off of the back table. GRRR!”

“LOTS of litter all over… Wind was blowing terribly and trash toters were falling over all over the place… Noticed lots of tree limbs down, too.”

Another diarist mentioned weather even more still, the most out of everyone on any one day. It was enjoyable enough while simultaneously being intrusive enough to write on both:

“The wind is blowing very Hard.   March Winds?”

“The weather is nice, if the wind does not blow.  Very sunny!”

“The wind is still blowing a lot.”

“Time to walk [my dog].  Very nice evening.  [She] wants to sniff everything including the air.”

“Hearing the wind pick up again.  It is really whipping around the building.  The rain is coming.”

March 5th, 2016


It’s just past the beginning of a new month—a new period of change.

Today is a quiet day. Average temperatures. Not many speak of the weather…

“The roads are good, weather is fine, and traffic is flowing well.”

…and those that do…

“Weather is getting better.  I think the temps will be up this next week.”

…barely linger on it at all.

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