by Saxony Wynecoop


Class. Convenience. Societal strains.

Ads and brands. Commercials and chains.

It’s so much more than buying and selling,

Money moves markets. Quality be damned.


Chained to chains and branded by brands.

Our lives are pieces of a larger corporate puzzle

Break out of the corporate norm- take a stand

Invest in the community, don’t stuff the fat cat’s coffers.


Corporate money bags filling up,

Local communities drying up.

Ads play on your emotions and your choices are not your own.

Brands make decisions and consumerism’s your home.


Campbell’s. Purell. Ramen. Walgreen’s.

Walmart. Target. Goodwill. And Aldi’s.

The cheapest and easiest – Muncie has all of these.

Monopolizing markets is the vision of economies


Farm stands, Herot, Tonne have it pretty rough

The Island, Greeks, diamonds in the rough

Left to die by the big names

Muncie’s hidden name


People won’t go somewhere they don’t know

Can’t find the places if they can’t show

Up the big name signs

Hard to advertise against their dimes


For the big shops, you get what you pay for

You pay less expecting more

You want a Ferrari and get a Saturn

Where’s the trust?


The trust is in the city’s ways

The hideaways, not always pretty

Waiting for later days

Waiting for the rise, their comeback to fame

Ready to put these big cats to shame


But money flows like concrete,

Turns city streets into desert roads

Brings fast food and misery    

While quick feet try to escape

These neighborhoods and cityscapes.

The communities are left in schisms

And that’s the price of consumerism.

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